Metallica Among Top Earning Touring Acts Of 2010

Metallica Among Top Earning Touring Acts Of 2010  - Metallica scored one of the top five earning tours of 2010, according to a new report from Pollstar. The Metal gods hit the road this year in support of their newest release Death Magnetic and pulled in a whopping $110 million.

Metallica trailed classic rockers AC/DC, who pulled in $177 million and took the number two spot. Bon Jovi came in at number one overall, raking in a whopping $201.1 million on their tour behind The Circle.

According to Pollstar's editor Gary Bongiovanni, the European marketplace was important for major tours this year.

"Artists worked fewer shows in a tough business climate and those that overreached suffered the consequences," Bongiovanni tells the U.K.'s Guardian. "In general, the international concert business was stronger than in North America, where overbooked and overpriced shows at outdoor amphitheatre venues made it an especially difficult year."

Metallica closed out their touring year in November with an extended run in Australia and New Zealand.